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Think GREEN!

By on November 8, 2012

Want a fun way to keep Fido from gulping his food?
Think GREEN!

Bridgeport, CT – Some pets clean their food bowl so fast, you’d think it was their last meal. Food gulping isn’t only a messy habit that’s difficult to break, but a behavior that can lead to vomiting, choking, bloat and digestive issues. Plus, eager eaters don’t realize how much they just ate, so they keep begging for between-meal treats that can quickly turn into extra pounds. Fortunately, now there’s an innovative way for pet parents to end this “feeding frenzy” by turning mealtime into a challenging, entertaining game.

The Company of Animals presents GREEN by NORTHMATE – an innovative “turf placemat” for pets that turns mealtime into a fun, stimulating game. Just scatter a handful of kibble or two across the deeply sculpted surface. Then it’s up to the dog or cat to seek out the food in the valleys between the simulated grass blades. Especially recommended for aggressive gulpers and pets on a restricted calorie diet, GREEN prolongs eating time, making meals healthier and more fun. And since this product is made of durable plastic that’s phthalate-free, it’s 100% pet and dishwasher safe.

Now available in North America for the first time, GREEN is the brainchild of Frederik Lindskov, a talented product developer and pet lover who makes his home in Denmark. Linskov asserts that “Pets need to be challenged on a daily basis to stimulate their minds. This product simulates the way they instinctively hunt for food, using their nose and paws to achieve the sought-after prize.”

This unique, interactive feeder is designed to be compatible with dogs and cats of every age, weight and breed. It’s available for a suggested retail price of $39.99. So now, in the words of the inventor, your pet can “Eat slow. Be healthy. Have fun.” Look for GREEN in the pet feeders and accessories section at finer on-line retailers and independent pet stores near you.

About The Company of Animals
Founded by highly acclaimed UK pet behaviorist Dr. Roger Mugford, The Company of Animals is the UK’s provider of training products designed to achieve a positive relationship between pets and their parents. The Company of Animals designs and manufactures a wide range of acclaimed products, including the HALTI® (the first-ever head collar for dogs) and HALTI Harness, Pet Corrector™, CLIX™ training range and much more. The latest addition to the famed family enrichment products is the new interactive GREEN feeder by NORTHMATE, which was named the Gold Medal Winner at the 2012 H.H. Backer Christmas trade show’s New Product Showcase. For more information, please visit www.companyofanimals.us or www.facebook.com/TheCompanyOfAnimalsUS.


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