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Scan My Pet Pls! – Where lost pets are as good as found! – Pet Planet Magazine

Scan My Pet Pls! – Where lost pets are as good as found!

By on February 25, 2013

Cartersville, Georgia, February 2013 –  Scan My Pet Pls! is an innovative specialty pet tag company that has expanded rapidly since it was founded in 2011. More than this, though, we are a company that truly cares about bringing lost pets home safely.

Scan My Pet Pls! pet tags are designed around the use of QR Codes. For those who have never come in contact with this technology, we can briefly explain QR Codes by saying that they are a more advanced form of barcode that can store a larger quantity of information as well as more categories of information including links to websites. QR Codes can be scanned and read by any device such as a smartphone that has a QR Code reader downloaded on it. Scan My Pet Pls! pet tags are engraved with a QR Code that links to a pet profile on our website where all your contact and pet information and can be found.

What makes Scan My Pet Pls! so popular among pet owners is that we utilize the growing technologies of QR Codes and smartphones as a part of a larger system of pet identification and retrieval. We do not simply sell our customers pet tags and then abandon their pets. Instead we offer unique and long-term services in an effort to get pets back home quickly. The online pet profile that comes with the purchase of a tag can be edited by the customer at any time and include any information that he or she feels is relevant for the person who finds the lost pet. We provide complimentary lost pet alerts and printable lost pet flyers. We also monitor the toll-free number engraved on Scan My Pet Pls! pet tags 24-hours a day so we can be contacted by someone who has found a pet any time during the day or night to allow the process of pet retrieval to be completed faster.


Scan My Pet Pls! is more than just a company that sells pet tags. We truly do care about our customers and their furry companions, which is why we have sought for the best combination of technologies and methods to make their time apart as short and stress-free as possible. Our love of animals induced us to create our Scan My Pet Pls! donation program. This program is simple to use and does not include the customer incurring any additional charges. The customer can just let us know which of the organizations listed on our website that he or she would like to help, and we will give them a percentage of our profits from his or her purchase. We would be glad to answer any questions you might have about Scan My Pet Pls! and the services and products we provide.


(Scan My Pet Pls!

877-ScanPet (877-722-6738)




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