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Rising K9 Care Blog Shares Winning Bad Dog Breath Remedy – Pet Planet Magazine

Rising K9 Care Blog Shares Winning Bad Dog Breath Remedy

By on January 31, 2014
Latest canine care blog K9 Breath recommends Orapup tongue cleaning foam and ultra-soft brush that can scrape away odor causing scum from dog’s mouth within minutes.

Walla Walla, WA, January 31, 2014 — Dog owners upset with continuous bad dog breath can finally heave a sigh of relief. Latest canine care blog, K9 Breath has recently shared about a super effective dog bad breath remedy assuring a clean smell within minutes.

The bad-breath control solution is called Orapup brush and tongue foam- a solution from the famous Orabrush creators who are popular for their human tongue scraping brush.”If you are looking for potential bad dog breath solutions that can actually keep the stink at bay, look no further than Orapup,” declared the K9 Breath spokesperson. He defined the product as a phenomenal remedy that has proved to be really successful in eliminating bad dog breath in several cases.

“The Orapup founder Dr. Bob Wagstaff came up with the dog bad breath remedy after his satisfied customers urged him to innovate something similarly effective for their K9 friends. It took Wagstaff 7 months of long research to end up with his revolutionary bad dog breath remedies,” shared the manager personnel.

By now, around 100,000 Orapup products have been sold.

The Orapup package includes a tongue cleaning foam called “Lickies” as well as a scraping brush. The dog owners have to pour about half-teaspoon of the foaming gel into the brush which when the dog licks up will automatically get out all the yuk from their tongue.

According to studies, 90 percent of bad breath comes from a dirty tongue. “While humans are able to scrape their tongues themselves, the canines cannot. A mere brushing everyday is not sufficient to take out all the dirt from the mouth and hence you need the scraping brush,” stressed the Orapup founder.

The Orapup reviews reveal that the Lickies involve a beef-broth flavored gel which is enticing enough for the dog to lick on continuously. The Orapup brush features a paddle-like design that is to be held vertically for easy licking for the dog. There are 4 scrapers in between brush bristles.

“The Orapup brush features ultra-soft bristles that clean up bacteria from all the crevices of your dog’s tongue. Dr. Wagstaff borrowed the idea of Orapup brush bristles from surgeons’ scrubbing brush- and the Orapup product is designed with similar bristles used by the surgeons to clean up bacteria from hands prior to any surgery,” explained the K9 Breath manager.

According to dog breath orapup reviews, the bristles are always soft on the tongue yet strong enough to scrape out all grime & dirt.

About K9 Breath- K9 Breath is a rising blog dedicated to the care of canine friends. It shares information on different care products useful for good dog hygiene.

For more on Orapup bad dog stink solution, visit http://www.k9breath.com/

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