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Real Meat Vs. Meal – Pet Planet Magazine

Real Meat Vs. Meal

By on November 14, 2012

Key differences to consider when comparing premium pet foods

Mitchell, SD (November 13, 2012) – When you examine the back of pet food packages, you’ll notice that many brands use meat, poultry and fish meals instead of real meat, poultry or fish. Now you may be asking yourself, “Is real meat better than meat meal? What does this actually mean for my pet?”

Meat, poultry and fish meals are commonly used by pet food companies as a low-cost protein source. These meals are often referred to as “denatured” or “rendered” because they are a by-product of the oil rendering process. While there’s nothing inherently wrong about using these ingredients, additional binding agents are required– such as corn, wheat, soy, tapioca, potato starch or rice – to hold the dry kibble together during processing.

Since dry pet foods with a high meal content require these binding agents, they tend to be high in simple carbohydrates and starches which your pet’s metabolism converts rapidly into glucose. A diet such as this can be less than healthy for your pet because the higher the carbs, the higher the glycemic index.

In contrast, Spring Naturals dinners and treats do not contain meat, poultry or fish meals of any kind. “This enables us to formulate our recipes without high-glycemic ingredients or other binding agents,” explains Rob Cadenhead, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Spring Naturals. “We always use real meat, poultry or fish as our first ingredient, plus a unique combination of additional protein sources like whole chickpeas, green peas and eggs.”

Cadenhead also commented that these formulating decisions are consistent with the company’s Whole Food Nutrition philosophy. “We simply believe that a balanced blend of real meat, poultry or fish, combined with whole vegetables and whole fruits is a better way to nourish our best friends. And we’re proud that every single recipe is made in the USA.”

Beyond dry dog food, Spring Naturals also offers a complete line of canned dinners and meaty, baked treats. They’re available in both Whole Grain and Grain Free varieties, with Organic and Feline lines arriving soon. Spring Naturals products are available at finer neighborhood pet stores and can also be ordered online.

Fans of Spring Naturals can follow them at www.facebook.com/springnaturals or on Twitter @springnaturals. To learn more about Spring Naturals and their growing line of dinners and treats, retailers are invited to contact their Spring Naturals distributor or visit www.SpringNaturals.com.

About Spring Naturals
Spring Naturals is a fresh, new family of nutritionally balanced dinners and treats for pets. Each carefully blended recipe is based on the company’s Whole Food philosophy that a healthy combination of whole meat, whole fruits and whole vegetables is a better way to nourish pets. And because Spring Naturals recipes contain more real meat, they can be formulated without high-glycemic ingredients like corn, wheat, soy, tapioca, potato starch or rice. Best yet, pet parents will have peace of mind knowing that each Spring Naturals recipe is made by a family-owned company in the USA. Spring Naturals dinners and treats are available in Whole Grain and Grain Free varieties, with Grain Free Feline and Organic Canine lines arriving soon.

This fresh approach to feeding pets hasn’t been ignored. Since launching the brand concept, Spring Naturals has been recognized by Pet Business in the 2011 Industry Recognition Awards. And most recently, the Spring Naturals canned dinners for dogs received a 2012 Editors’ Choice Award from Pet Product News International and were added to the Whole Dog Journal’s “Top Recommended” list.


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