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Pet Ventures Announces Woof Rescue Pet Adoption App for Android – Pet Planet Magazine

Pet Ventures Announces Woof Rescue Pet Adoption App for Android

By on February 2, 2016

December 2015

More pet’s lives are saved as popular Woof Rescue pet adoption app comes to Android.

(Chicago, IL – December 16, 2015) Pet Ventures, LLC announced
the release of Woof Rescue Pet Adoption App for Android, which features over 100,000 adoptable pets to help people save lives.  “We’ve had such an enthusiastic response to our iOS pet adoption app in the first year – building an Android version was an obvious choice to help place more pets” said Mark Wade, Founder and CEO at Pet Ventures.

App Users Welcome New Pet Adoption Resource

Tens of thousands of people in North America have already found the iOS app to be a valuable resource as they search for adoptable pets in rescue shelters. Danielle Ma, a user from southern California, said “I love your app and I just met my future dog yesterday. Thank you for helping me find my new best friend!” 

Rescue organizations have also welcomed the new tool for promoting pet adoption. “We love the Woof Rescue app! It’s helped adopters in our area find us and ultimately find the love of their lives”, said Lisa Booth of Good Karma
Animal Rescue
in Maple Grove, MN. She welcomes the addition of the new version, stating, “We are so excited to learn of the Android version – the exposure our rescue gets from this free app is amazing!”

A growing number
of municipalities, such as Chicago
are banning the sale of animals from commercial breeders, often referred to as “puppy mills”. Featuring adoptable pets in a mobile app with attractive photos and extensive details gives people options, thereby reducing the number of
homeless pets

Woof Rescue Pet Adoption App for Android

Woof Rescue Pet Adoption App for Android is a new product driven by customer feedback and is part of Pet Ventures’ commitment to deliver the best tools to promote pet adoption from rescue shelters. Woof Rescue Pet Adoption App for Android
and iOS is available for immediate download at

Founded in 2015,
Pet Ventures is a fast
growing startup in the pet industry. The company currently offers multiple products
and services designed to enhance pet ownership.

For more information, press only:

Mark Wade



For more information on Woof Rescue Pet Adoption App for Android:

Website: http://woofapp.com

Press Kit: http://woofapp.com/press-kit

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