Opportunity for Dog Lovers to Win the Ultimate Dog-Friendly Vacation

By on March 26, 2013

Imagine yourself walking down a gravel road, in the background you hear the sound of hand-made wind chimes decorated with the names of dogs that have passed away, to your right you see a large green field with a group of puppies and their owners walking in a line following their leader, that Pied Piper happens to have been named the Best Dog Trainer in Chicago, according to Chicago Magazine. Coming down the road towards you is a big wet Golden Retriever who has just experienced the joy of swimming for the first time. WELCOME TO CAMP DOGWOOD, a unique overnight camp experience offered three times a year (winter, spring, and fall) for adults and their dogs. Or simply put, Camp Dogwood…where people and their dogs Stay and Play!

From now until April 1st, Camp Dogwood is giving away a FREE camp session to one dog-gone lucky winner. Just follow this link to enter to win: http://conta.cc/11W2FP1. Camp Dogwood offers participants a range of activities, including: dog agility, Frisbee®, K9 Nosework™, tracking, lure coursing, pet projects (a.k.a. arts & crafts), herding, weight-pull, canicross, hiking, boating, pet and human massage, dog treat making, pet photography, swimming, flyball, campfires, obedience training, fundraising activities for designated animal related charities, and workshops on a range of dog related topics such as nutrition, fitness, specific health issues, and animal rescue.

After 12 years, Alysa Slay, co-founder/director, has discovered “that more than anything else, our human campers attend Camp Dogwood in order to spend time amongst other like-minded dog loving people.” In addition to camp strengthening the bond between people and their dogs, camp has led to social connections resulting in many long lasting friendships. Co-founder/director Dave Eisendrath, says, “Camp Dogwood not only provides a bonding experience for people and their dogs, but proves that you can teach an old dog (or person) new tricks. It is a place reminiscent of summers spent at sleep-away camp, where human connections thrive.”

“Camp Dogwood is devoted to enhancing your knowledge about your dog, the bond between you and your dog, and the role of dogs in our community.” This has been the Camp Dogwood mission since its inception in 2001. The philosophies of Camp Dogwood emphasize responsible dog ownership therefore creating both human and canine ambassadors for a well socialized, healthy, and happy dog lifestyle.

The “magic” of camp is delivered by the talented team of dog trainers, veterinarians, and experts who instruct camp activities and facilitate informative talks. Staff members are not only highly rated and respected dog professionals within their field, but they also volunteer their time to animal shelters, animal rescue organizations, and pet therapy. The staff members are as loyal as the dogs they work with, and to Camp Dogwood; they have been working with the same core key staff members since 2001.

Camp Dogwood is situated on 180 acres of woods, wide-open fields, and a private dog friendly beach in Northern Illinois. Camp Dogwood looks forward to giving one dog lover and her very lucky dog the opportunity to experience the magic of dog camp. Remember the contest ends April 1st, just follow this link to enter to win: http://conta.cc/11W2FP1 or visit www.campdogwood.com for more information.

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