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Little Dog – Pet Planet Magazine

Little Dog

By on October 12, 2012

A pint sized Chihuahua named Dr. Papidies captured top honors in the All American Pet Brands Cutest Dog Competition, an on-line contest with more than 60,000 entrants in 2009. His owner, Denver area dermatologist Dr. Leslie Capin, donated the entire $1,000,000 prize, paid in annual installments for 30 years, to the Denver Dumb Friends League and the Max Fund.

After entering the contest, Capin said she’d donate the money to local animal charities. “I cried for almost an hour when I found out he won,” she says

The rocky economy had cut into shelter donations, so Robert Rohde, executive director of the Denver Dumb Friends League, appreciates Capin’s generosity. “We’re enormously grateful in accepting the first gift installment. It will help us to continue to provide many services that help pets and people in our community.

Dr. Papidies goes everywhere with Dr. Capin. Frequently wearing a white lab coat like his owner, the three year old dog greets patients and staff at her clinics. He works for free, but of course accepts biscuits and belly rubs. Although Dr. Papidies is lovable and full of spunk, he almost didn’t make it. Three years ago when her beloved Labrador Retriever passed away, a friend bought the Chihuahua puppy at a mall pet store, not knowing its connection to puppy mills. According to Capin, the puppy battled dehydration and various infections, requiring a few hospitalizations. Disease is common in puppy mill dogs and that particular pet store has since closed. Dr. Papidies pulled through with lots of love and medical care.

Capin’s generosity extends far beyond animals. In January 2010, she traveled to Haiti to provide sorely needed medical assistance to victims of the earthquake that nearly shattered the poverty-stricken island nation.

A lot of homeless animals in the Denver area get a second chance because of an adorable Chihuahua named Dr. Papidies and his thoughtful, generous owner, Dr. Leslie Capin.

Dr. Leslie Rosanne Capin graduated from University of Colorado School of Medicine, which is ranked #4 out of 144 in primary care quality by US News & World Report, as well as, being ranked #29 out of 144 in research quality. She has also completed a residency. Dr. Capin is affiliated with 3 hospitals, including Parker Adventist Hospital.


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