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By on March 24, 2016


Our latest review is on a product called LEASHPOD.
 The LEASHPOD is a great new innovation for responsible dog walkers. The
company States on their website that it is:

An Innovative Gadget that will stop you from ever
getting caught swinging a dirty bag of dog waste on your walks again. LEASHPOD
simply clicks on to any leash you have with a durable hook, it’s light enough
to carry comfortably, and gives you the ability to discreetly slip the bag of
dog waste into the small scented bin so it’s out of sight and smell until you
reach your trash can you never have to touch it again.The outside rap has pockets that can hold hand
sanitizer, a foldable water bowl, your keys, cell phone or anything else to
free up your hands while walking.

So I decided to take the small LEASHPOD out on a
test run (walk) with my 80lb golden retriever, Sadie. Let me first say that I
live in a community with lots of dog walkers who I routinely see carrying bags
of poo.

When stopping to talk, this makes for awkward
conversations as we’re both holding our bags of poo, or every once in awhile
you’ll get a dog walker who wants to hold the bag up in front of you telling
you how their dog must of ate something, and tries to describe what’s in the
bag to you. Yuck! Enough of that.

Back to my walk. Several times I had comments
asking about the LEASHPOD. The first time Sadie had not gone so the bin was
empty but we still stood around talking about all the cool features of the LEASHPOD.
The second time I had the dreaded poo bag discreetly hidden in the LEASHPOD
bin. I probably could have sold 2 of these on the spot if I had them.

The LEASHPOD seems very well made. The springs on both doors are very
tight so not to open accidentally. The waste bags come out one at a time making
it nice and neat. The side pockets are a nice feature for keys, treats and they
say a cell phone but my big Smartphone would not fit in there. My leash was
easily attached to the LEASHPOD using the supplied clasp. The LEASHPOD sells on
their website for $34.95 for the small and $39.95 for the large.

Personally I think this is an awesome Product and hopefully will become
popular turning more dog walkers into responsible ones cleaning up their dog


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