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Fred Willard Unleashes His Wit and Charm on Oh Behave! – Pet Planet Magazine

Fred Willard Unleashes His Wit and Charm on Oh Behave!

By on May 1, 2013

Jay Leno describes Fred Willard best by calling him, “the funniest man in the world.” Wow – and here he is on our show! Fred – yes, you DO remember him from his role as a commentator in “Best in Show” stops by to talk about hosting the First Annual Worldwide Fido Awards that air on Nick at Nite on Oct. 5. Fans vote in six canine categories including most outrageous stunt. Don’t miss it. And, don’t miss this show with Fred Willard, a delightful scene-stealer in a host of movies and TV shows. He is truly bo-WOW funny!

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Arden Moore: Move over Emmys, step aside Academy Awards, this show that will leave tongues and tails a wagging, it is Sunday, October 5th , ‘At Nick at Nite’ so sit, stay and watch, the first annual Worldwide Fido Awards, they air at 8.00 PM eastern and Pacific time, Sunday, October 5th on Nick at Nite.

And I could not think of a better host for this show than Fred Willard, a master of improvisational comedy and I think, a talented actor, who thinks faster than on his feet than a Jack Russell terrier.

Welcome to the show Fred.

Fred Willard: Thank you; look about this place for my scripts, Oh! Here it is, Hi! It’s a pleasure being here, thanks for talking to me.

Arden Moore: I’m glad you found that script, I’m glad you didn’t find that, “Oh No, I hate to be here” script. That’s always awful.


Fred Willard: That cannot come to be end of the interview.

Arden Moore: Okay, alright, well I’ll work hard at that. We’re going to talk more with Fred Willard, right after we pay for the show by taking a commercial break.

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Arden Moore: We’re back. You’re listening to the ‘Oh Behave’ show on Pet Life Radio; I’m your host Arden Moore. Our guest today is Fred Willard, AKA Buck Laughlin from ‘Best in Show’ a satiric look at dark shows. He is a show sealer, actually in every movie and TV show, I’ve seen him in, and now he is going to unleash his wit and charm as host.

I wish we had drummer over here, the first annual worldwide Fido awards, airing Sunday October 5th at 8.00 PM on ‘Nick at Nite.

Welcome Fred.

Fred Willard: Thank you, and I’m really excited about this, it’s the, actually the host, at first I was going to be a judge, then they said, “Would you like to host?” I said, “Sure”.

I love dog show, but I didn’t like dogs, and there going to be right through on the stage, so you can’t keep your eyes off them, and we have some very interesting categories, which you usually don’t have, they don’t have it at the Westminster dog show. Owner dog look alike.

Arden Moore: That sounds pretty scary [Laughing].

Fred Willard: I don’t know how flattering that will be. So you look just like your dog, like the most outrageous dog in the Perez Hilton, the gossip guy is going to charge that I think.

Arden Moore: Okay.

Fred Willard: And we’re going to see if the dog is more or less outrageous than Perez Hilton. But then the cutest dog, the best singing voice, I guess I haven’t seen any of these dogs yet, and warranted Joe, tomorrow night when we tape it, its tape to life or life to tape or something, then it’s a show on Sunday night.

I guess it’s a little more comfortable that they are doing it live. You never know what a dog is going to do.

Arden Moore: Or what you might do?

Fred Willard: Exactly, when those lights hit me, and yap it’s a, I hope, it’s all going to be on teleprompter and any fun will just an extra bonus there, but Kevin Nealon will be on of the judges, he’s a lot of fun.

Arden Moore: Yeah, he is.

Fred Willard: Tamar Geller who is the dog trainer to the stars. So we’ll see what these trained dogs, some of them are sexy, as time goes by, I remember as a kid, dogs would sit up and wag their tails and roll over.

Now dogs do all kinds of tricks, they go to the mail box, they bring back things, in fact from the show they going to have, some dog going, every time they name the winner, he’s going to do some outrageous trick and bring back the name of the winning dogs. So, [Laughing]

Arden Moore: They got their own agents too now, I mean come on, that’s actually doggy university, I mean dogs are, really have to go to school and I’ve got a couple of dogs in an overworked vacuum cleaner, but in fact I noticed that the Fido awards are sponsored by PetSmart and Bissell. How appropriate.

So, you do many things and I have to tell you, I had set my DVD every week for ‘The Back to You’ TV shows and when I got booted off the year, but your roll as a sports caster, really fit nicely with Kelsey Grammar and Patricia Heaton.

Fred Willard: That was great, yeah that was great fun, he was a terrific guy to work with and hope to do it again sometime. That was a good; yeah it was a fun show and Fox, they just don’t know what to do, we ran out, we ran through the end and they just didn’t and take it up for the next year.

And then they replace us with ‘Do Not Disturb’, which they showed twice. I don’t know what they are looking for; there maybe the Worldwide Fido Awards or it should be a good shape there.

Arden Moore: I think it’s time, I think the dogs are really going to bring it to the table; they don’t need a teleprompter, do they?

Fred Willard: No, they do not and that’s reality, that’s the new thing and

Arden Moore: Right. [Laughing] Well in looking at, I was snipping around your bio and talk about pressure, you were called the funniest man in the world by Jay Leno. [Cross talking]

Fred Willard: Jay was great, he was to see [Laughing and cross talk] great. Jay does seem to love me, he has me doing his twenty sketches and he is a terrific guy.

He is very generous when you doing those things that you want to outlive, he would lay back and let you get in your outlive, but you can’t top him.

He will have you hell come back with another joke and he’s just a regular blue color guy and I just love him and the show it’s a lesson in joke writing, when you watch his monologue.

Arden Moore: You’re right, you’re right.

Fred Willard: It’s a sharp monologue and boy, even during the strike he was ad winning it and he was beating everybody. So on gets along, for in the calling me the funniest man in the world is really a compliment.

Arden Moore: You’ve been nominated for some Emmy’s and I mean every movie.

Fred Willard: That’s right, but who wants to talk about that, three times, and I’m not calling in to talk about those three Emmy nominations for Everybody Loves Raymond.

Arden Moore: No, No, this mockumentaries , that’s the best word, I guess to describe

Fred Willard: Which you’ve guessed, yeah they were just great fun.

Arden Moore: I’ve seen the mighty wind winning for [xx] and I have to tell you, paused down, best in show, when you were there trying to watch for that big German like, big frauline was checking out under the hood of that dog on stage and. Describe us for that, because this is a pet show for a goodness sake.

Fred Willard: The judges, they have to check and that’s it, none of that was really, that’s what may give or touch reality, they had the real judges, in the pet

Arden Moore: That’s scary

Fred Willard: And some of the owners of course, were actors, and I think to have her judge me on a first date. But it was, we really recreated those Westminster dog shows.

Arden Moore: You know what’s scary, is I’ve been there and I don’t know how much this really a mockumentary because you captured almost every type of character that comes to those shows. You’ve got the very pampered dogs, you have the very overly anxious couple that must win at all costs, the guy with big old hound dog, the blood hound I mean.

When god created dogs, I don’t know what he was thinking, because there is like over 150 of them and they come and from little tiny Chihuahuas to big Bull Mastiffs and about the species, I don’t know, what do you think God was thinking when it was coming up with dogs?

Fred Willard: I can’t imagine that there are lots of dogs that are the mixed breed, so there is a lot [inaudible]. But what I saw when both in doing consumer dogs there when we were doing the movie and watching the Westminster Dog Show, they all are very well loved the animals.

I never saw, we had a couple of them in the movie that were psychopathic about the dog and [xx]. But I think that most of them, watching a dog show, some lady personally drove her dog there, because she had a bad experience on a plane.

She would ship a couple of her dogs, that one she would drive personally. So they really loved their dogs and quite [xx].

Arden Moore: That’s good, we were talking with Fred Willard, he is the host of the first annual worldwide Fido awards that are going to air October 5th on ‘Nick at Nite’.

Fred Willard: Should be note, if you don’t have a calendar that it’s Sunday and it should really be slanted, I think it’s an hour.

Arden Moore: Yeah that’s what I hear.

Fred Willard: It will be slanted in an hour, the most outrageous dog and dog-owner look alike and a lot of tricks, do this tricks, so it’s I’m going to look forward to it.

Arden Moore: While I was looking at the summarized finalist list and I am laughing because, up for contention for cutest dog is everyone from what you would expect, Bella, a Maltese/Yorkie Mix, where the little dog, she always say, “Oh”, but there’s also Big Mac a bulldog up for there, The cutest dog.

Fred Willard: Well even it there, if you ever have an ugliest dog contest, there are still cute, you can’t help but love them and we’ll see I will have to eliminate some of them. I may feel bad, I read from the script and you have, three of them come forward and then say I am sorry, you are going back to the dog house.

Arden Moore: No,

Fred Willard: Yeah and I’ll try to avoid that someway, I’ll come up with something to make them feel good. It’s that tough business so I’ll tell you, you show me a business and then you talk, you think you got a cute dog sorry you didn’t make it, you’re out of here, go home, rematch your grudging room.

Arden Moore: [Laughing] We’ve got best voiced dog tomb, we’ve got a dog named ‘Coda’ who I guess sings opera, whose a Pomeranian dog.

Fred Willard: That should be interesting.

Arden Moore: Yeah, and I am not a big opera fan, but I’m going to clean up my wax and I use that one, and then you got a singing beagle named Fred and I guess.

Fred Willard: Oh really?

Arden Moore: Yes, there’s some golden retriever they describe as sunny who is a shoe bird, humming, golden retriever. I have no idea, what do you think on that one?

Fred Willard: I don’t think they will choke up when the lights run in the audience out there, but that should be interesting.

Arden Moore: If they do a mike check. I don’t know if the dog will bite the mic or talk into the mic. But the one that I find that will be more, most exciting is best trick, there’s Jessie, a jump roping star, climbing Jack Russell.

Fred Willard: Okay

Arden Moore: You’ve got a dancing Chihuahuas, max named Paddy, this is my favorite, a dog that can catch a tree and flip I guess, a Border Collie named Dazzle, but saving the best again for last, Gabe, a bulldog who is a toilet flashing, skateboarding trickster.

Move over Tony Hawk, mover over, I don’t think Tony Hawk ever did a toilet flash on a skateboard?

Fred Willard: {Laughingly] Let’s hope not as, well on a skateboard? Well, I was a judge on cat star, a couple of times, doing it, and if not for those animals were so amazing, I actually think that’s why the show went off the air, because what more can we get out of a dog or parrot singing an entire ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’ the whole song.

Arden Moore: Oh, my gosh!

Fred Willard: That’s why we say, what more, the whole world’s become that, tougher and tougher.

Arden Moore: Now do you have pets in your life, what’s your status?

Fred Willard: We have adopted, I think it had been abandoned, it came around and it just fell in love with my wife and vise-versa and so, I sitting at home and I yell, “You alright sweetheart?” and I say “Yeah, I’m fine, she’s not, I’m talking about the cat”.

But I’m a little allergic to cats, but I am getting used to it, it is a sweet cat and

Arden Moore: What’s your cat’s name?

Fred Willard: Oh my Gosh, knocked it out, what is she called? Mittens, because the fur’s black, I guess it’s a Tuxedo cat, black with white paws

Arden Moore: Okay, how is Mittens around you? I’m sorry to hear you’re a little ‘Ahh Choo around the cat, but does Mittens like to sit in your lap or bring your coffee in front of you?

Fred Willard: If you allergic to a cat and if you go to someone’s house, that cat will come right over and sit on your lap. And this host, “I don’t mind, you’re upset because it’s nice” but I think it kind of knows who to stay with her, he is a temper lap and she really treats him well.

Arden Moore: Well that’s good, that’s good.

Fred Willard: And I love all kinds of animal.

Arden Moore: I’m glad to hear that.

Fred Willard: Used to set out food for some of the stray cats. We set out food and that would draw raccoons and even skunks. That’s a long story about rescuing a skunk somebody’s trapped in a basketball net. Had to go into our neighbor’s yard and cut the net and save it.

That was pretty brave, the mother was right there and she could have sprayed me but I saved her.

Arden Moore: How little was the skunk?

Fred Willard: It was just a baby and it was so cute, the mother was standing right there, and I heard them squalling like overnight, finally I looked over our neighbor’s yard it was stuck in one of those, basketball net that they put in the swimming pool and it was laying out in the ground and the poor thing got it’s neck caught in there, and I wasn’t too friendly with our neighbors, and this annoyed me the more that, I could hear the poor thing and they didn’t.

So I went to their yard that night, and I actually thought they could shoot me if they, I would see someone walking in the backyard, so I just got a rescue was poor, it was a skunk so.

Arden Moore: And once you did the mama thank you by not spraying you.

Fred Willard: Well the mama was there, I tried to take it over to my yard because I cut the net, then I said, well the net’s so large, so I took it over in my yard and I loose the net and then I put it down and it kept running around my seat, so I said that it would be well that I take it right back to the other yard and put it down where I found it.

Now the mother was gone, but I figured it knew where it was, so I set it down and hopefully it would be united with its mother.

Arden Moore: I am sure with the sense of smell, they’re pretty good that, that sort of their GPS system.

Fred Willard: Yeah, yeah so I’m sure it went on, but they didn’t spray me. The mother didn’t, so I think the mother sense me that I was saving it.

Arden Moore: And now you have a Tuxedo cat, so that could have, a skunk black and white, now Mittens that’s common here.

Fred Willard: Yeah, yeah so that’s fine.

Arden Moore: Oh good, that’s very good, I’m glad you do that, because the cats can really populate pretty quickly.

Fred Willard: Yeah

Arden Moore: We’re talking with Fred Willard; he is the host of the first annual worldwide Fido awards that will air Sunday, October 5th at 8.00 PM on ‘Nick at Nite’ and we’re going to go back to talking to him right after this commercial break.

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Arden Moore: Welcome back to the ‘Oh Behave’ show on PetLifeRadio; I’m your host Arden Moore. We have Fred Willard, you just say that name and you just start smiling, I just can’t help it, I mean everything you’ve been in, you’ve had a pretty good ride in the world of TV and movies.

Is there, yes you’re still a go man, but tell me a little bit about, I guess one claimed a fame, that you have, that you can have that no other actor can boast about is that you were the first live action character in pick saw animated feature, you actually ‘WALL-E’ yeah tell me about that and what was the pressure of that?

Fred Willard: Well it was no pressure, was a year to ‘Wall-E’ in January of 07, they called me and they said, would I like to be a, and I said sure, they had me come up a San Francisco, took me up to the studio, they would not tell me anything about the plot.

I was eyed for the ‘feudal sword’ I was the guy who came on the TV monitor and talked to the [xx] everything was going to be okay, you’re going back to earth, and then they call me back up to do a few more lines and they wouldn’t let me talk about it.

Anything about the plot, for a long time and then said meet me at the big premier and that was really nice, it’s made, it floated million dollars it’s wonderful, because it’s most important, you like to be in a movie that is successful.

Arden Moore: Right

Fred Willard: Because then everyone is happy, but most important it gave a very good message to youngsters about saving our planet and recycling and not throwing junk, but it wasn’t something that would hit them over the head with.

Little kids like 5, 6, 7 years old are going to see it and enjoy the little Wall-e character, but in the back of their mind some alumni they will say, “Chi, the world look pretty bad with all this junk, and they might be more aware of recycling and not throwing trash, and which we are generally today then when I was a kid.

You would have a beer can and throw it on the highway and that. But I think the people are really more aware now.

Arden Moore: Yeah and I think you are right with the kids, you don’t need to hit them over the head, these kids are so high-tech and they get so messages hit at them in all different ways, that this seems like that was, sort of the best method to get good message out.

Fred Willard: Yes there’s no preaching, no saying how kids expect them to firm, they wouldn’t at all, we just let them draw their conclusion, and they are pretty bright and they are message receivers, a youngster stick with you, even subliminally.

Arden Moore: Lets talk about your childhood, a little bit; you were born in the hot land in Shaker Heights, Ohio and

Fred Willard: Ohio, yeah

Arden Moore: Second city, I’m from the Chicago area and I used to love going to second city and that really is a great place to horn your skills, the unstaged….

Fred Willard: The thing was I stayed one year there, I was there with Robert Cline, David Steinberg and that was a wonderful year and it’s still going strong, Second City, every time I go back to Chicago, I leave time to go to see a show there and it horns your skills I guess.

I don’t know, yeah it was just fun, it was just great fun.

Arden Moore: Yes, so now with the Christopher Guests he going to have another mockumentary in the works can you.

Fred Willard: Well, I’ve also, someone asked me that, I asked someone who knows him, and I said, “Well so far no”, so we’ll see maybe he’ll come up with an idea and hopefully he will call me.

Arden Moore: What’s these show like ‘Best in Show’ on waiting for government or do you have a chance to be able to tweak the script at all?

Fred Willard: Oh Ya, there’s no script, you just have, it gives you kind of outline, like 15-20 page outline and you live up to your scenes and you know what you have to get across in the scene.

When I did ‘Best in Show’ Jim Piddock and I were just sitting there, he was the Englishman who played the announcer, and they had showed us footage before what we going to be seeing and even set up the cameras and he said, “now what, before seeing you, you are going to see kind of dog” and he step back behind the camera and he said “Action” and you just start talking.

Arden Moore: Oh my gosh.

Fred Willard: And I said, “well most of my stuff is going to end up on the cutting room floor or voice over” so I’m going to pull out every joke I have, every comment and luckily he kept most of it, and it came off very well.

Arden Moore: So which is harder, to just kind of think on your feet, like that or to go with the script?

Fred Willard: If you got a good script, that’s easier, but in sometimes an improvisation is like walking a tight wire, I guess and you do it, it goes well it’s great, but it even while you can get on a subject, and for some reason the subject just open up a lot of things to me and I just got going.

But a lot of times, you suddenly get into dry sort of thing, I don’t see anything funny here, so an ideal thing is if you have a script like his movies, you have a script, you know what you have to get, what information to get out, and then you could improvise around it.

Arden Moore: Now you have this one-man show, that you just did, you had a sold-out run, Fred Willard, alone at last. Tell us a little bit about that and what’s happening up for you now?

Fred Willard: Well I love your ‘sketch comedy’, so I get a couple of, and I don’t like to work too hard, so I would do a show, we did it like four Thursdays in a row.

Arden Moore: Okay

Fred Willard: And I said, and at that time, the hot thing was one-man shows, and frankly I’m not too fond of them, because if you get there and you don’t like that person, you’re stuck for two hours. So what it was a ‘sketch show’ but I started like a one-man show.

In fact my first line was, I talked to friends about doing a one-man show and they say the most important thing you do in a one-man show, surround yourself with the best actors you can get.

So I would talk and each thing I talk about would lead into a sketch, and I thought it was kind of funny, at the end of the night I would do a curtain call at every thirteen of a sound stage, taking a bow, so I don’t think I’d every want to do a one-person show because the last one I saw that I liked was called “Tru” Robert Morse did Truman Capote, that was great.

But you got to see someone who’s telling you about their life, it might be fun for ten minutes and then okay, you start looking at your watch, you know, “I hope it is a one act”. At the end of the hour, you say, “We’re going to take short break” oh no and you can’t leave because they easily know that you’re there.

Arden Moore: You are stuck. Well you sound like you work really well, feeding off the energy of your other actors, correct?

Fred Willard: I do, that’s what I like the best, yes.

Arden Moore: Well you do that really, really well. Let’s talk a little bit more about this Fido award, I know you’re going to be nervous, is there any special outfit that you are going to wear, for this occasion, like something that’s a pee-proof pants or something, I don’t know?


Fred Willard: I have my designer, and he lives up over the delicate tension in me, he wasn’t answering his phone, so I don’t know, I don’t even know what they going to want me to wear, I didn’t forget they are going to have some visual jokes of me wearing outfits. I don’t know if I have to actually get into my little firm.

I think I should be in a tuxedo, make it formal, but I haven’t seen, I am going on a rehearsal after this and I’ll see what they want me to be wearing. And I’ll do anything they want, if they want a body suit, if they want a tuxedo, you know I’ll be there.

Arden Moore: Your sense is that meat flavored, I mean, I think you’re going to be safe.

Fred Willard: That might me a problem, yeah.

Arden Moore: Yeah, that but you taste of wills for the dogs, I mean

Fred Willard: Dogs, the worst would be fire hybrid flavored. You don’t even think about, but then you are on live television, keep it in. Export on YouTube and then they do a clip on the news, ‘Look what happened of Fred Willard at the Fido awards”


Fred Willard: ‘It’s all going well, well yes we have clips, it will come up at eleven, what happened to Fido awards when Fred Willard wears fire hydrant pants’.

Arden Moore: [Laughing] You know what, you go with it, and that’s probably a lesson we could all [inaudible] so stressed out about the little tinny things in life, and here you are, putting yourself up there and everyday and everyway, and I really like that.

Fred Willard: And the dogs don’t care, you try to tell a dog, we’re doing this, what the reward be, they couldn’t care less. They want their little treats from their owners and they want to go, place to go lay down.

Arden Moore: Exactly.

Fred Willard: The next day, are they going to care what their numbers were?  No. The net version, we say, “well we did well in the 16 to 20”, the dogs couldn’t care less.

Arden Moore: That’s a good point, that’s another lesson we can learn I guess.

Fred Willard: [Laughing] That’s why we love them.

Arden Moore: That’s right. We don’t know what you’re going to wear, but there is the best dress category and I’m looking down the lineup and you’ve got an Australian Shepard dressed for a Sunday drive. I have no idea, I can’t even imagine.

Fred Willard: I have no idea either.

Arden Moore: and then you’ve got a hippy clad golden retriever, that’s going to look like, ‘right out of the seventies’. A tuxedo clad pup, and here’s a new one from me, I just can’t visualize this, I’m going to try, a poolside boxer in a bikini [Laughing] my gosh!

Fred Willard: Well I don’t think the dogs will enjoy that as much as their owners will, and the audience will love it. But again it’s the dogs don’t care, you put them in a tuxedo or a bikini, they are saying, “What the heck is going on here?” They hear the audience laugh and applause and they still, they want to find something to eat and a place to lie down.

Arden Moore: That’s right. Well hopefully whoever is putting this boxer in a bikini will have to even lie and say, “Oh my god, you look so hot”, your voice tone will probably make the boxer will keep the outfit on, they don’t want rate it on ‘R’, you bet might get censored, the bikini is

Fred Willard: That’s right; you just gave me an idea for a line, yeah that’s good, very good.

Arden Moore: Well there you go, Take it man, take it I appreciate no problem. Now this most outrageous, I’m not quite sure, there is a ladder climbing, Labrador retriever, that’s hard to say. A deep diving Labrador retriever, a skateboarding Chihuahua and, now this doesn’t sound nice, a cat boxing pug toy fox terrier, you better keep mittens away from the show.

Fred Willard: Yeah, well this I found the dog and puppies enjoy this more than putting on funny outfits, they climb ladders and jumping in the water, I don’t know, deep diving, is that what it is?

Arden Moore: Yes, Tommy from Sewell New Jersey, be careful it’s not Sewer, its Sewell. In case you’ll say so.


Arden Moore: What’s this cat boxing pug, what’s that all about?

Fred Willard: It’s the first I’ve heard about it, I hope there is no animal cruelty, I’m sure they’ve, it would be interesting a cat and a dog having a boxing match.

Arden Moore: You know there’s more cats than dogs, and if I was ever seen a fight between a cat and dog, my money is actually on the cat, they can smack, bite and climb, see here.

Fred Willard: Yeah, yeah.

Arden Moore: But I hope it’s all in good fun, I hope this sugar

Fred Willard: I hope so, ‘Fur at the Fido awards, film at eleven

Arden Moore: No we want to see you in your hay-breed suit, your hay-breed suit would be much nicer on YouTube actually I think.

Fred Willard: Yeah

Arden Moore: Now the look-alike, owner-look-alike contest you have Snoozer, a German Shepard, a Cocker Spaniel and a Chihuahua and their people, and so they are going to be a wine for the owner-look-alike awards.

Fred Willard: Yeah, is that very flattering to the owner, I don’t know, they are entering into; they must know what they’re waiting for.

Arden Moore: What’s the grand prize to these [inaudible]

Fred Willard: I think it’s the, I think there is big prize, the money prize, I’m not sure?

Arden Moore: Well it is sponsored by PetSmart and Bissell, and I guess it’s based on the votes from the fans too.

Fred Willard: It is. If you’re going to call in and the audience is there, it’s going to vote, so there are no losers in this dog show. Then no one is going to go home with their feelings, they are going to go home with a kindler or something.

Arden Moore: Okay that’s good and no one will have the kindler types within their legs as they leave right?

Fred Willard: No, no.

Arden Moore: Okay, good okay.

Fred Willard: Now listen I have to go, they are calling me down to a rehearsal, so I’m going to go down and keep this in mind what I’m already seen.

Arden Moore: Okay

Fred Willard: And hope that it all goes well.

Arden Moore: Well I want to give you a big paws up, for all our listeners, who are very big fans of you Fred Willard and we thank you for being on the ‘ Oh Behave’ show.

Fred Willard: Thanks for talking to me. Sunday night we’ll see how it goes.

Arden Moore: Alright I’m tuning in.

Fred Willard: Okay, bye, bye

Arden Moore: Wow! My stomach muscles are hurting. It was an extreme pleasure to have Fred Willard on our show today.

He will be hosting the first annual Worldwide Fido Awards, air Sunday, October 5th at 8.00 PM on ‘Nick at Nite’ so tune-in, set your DVR, set your TV.

And bring your best loving doggy, to seat next to you and join in the fun, that is six categories, that voters, just like you have voted for, they include, ‘Cutest dog’, ‘Best dressed’, ‘Best Voice’, ‘Most outrageous’, ‘Best trick’ and my personal favorite ‘The dog-owner look-alike’ contest.

And in addition, at the end of this hour-long show, there will be a special tribute to honor a dog, which will be given ‘The Hero’ award, and this is a special dog that has done and valuable services to us two-legers.

So, on all the formalities and all the fun, I’m glad to see there will be a special hero award presented as well.

So at this time I want to take the opportunity to thank my co-producer Mark Winter, he makes the show happen every week. I want you to zip over to petliferadio.com each and every week and check-out what is the latest show we’re going to have on ‘Oh Behave’, we’ve been going Hollywood lately, we did the cast of Beverly Hills Chihuahuas and now this.

So until next time this is your flea free host Arden Moore delivering just two words to all you two, three and four leggers out there, “Oh Behave”.

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