Fred: The Town Dog

By on January 21, 2013

I want to share with you the trailer and Indiegogo page for my thesis documentary, “Fred: The Town Dog.” This is a film about a small town in Alabama that came together to care for and adopt an abandoned dog, but it’s also about a lot more. This is a film about a town that lost many of its jobs but not its hope, and the dog that brought them all together.

Rockford is a small town of only 400 residents located in Coosa County, Alabama. This quintessential southern town has suffered in recent years; many of the town’s shops have been forced to close, and meanwhile many of the town’s inhabitants have moved away in search of job opportunities. Yet many characters still live in the town, artists and blue-collar workers alike, and in 1993 when a dirty and disheveled dog named wandered into town, it was these people who took him in and nursed him back to health, naming him “Fred” – the town dog. Through Fred and the time he shared with the people of Rockford, Alabama, we will gain insight into the individuals who cared for him while exploring the town’s narrative – specifically the narrative of an increasingly deserted area on the verge of becoming another southern ghost town. We will explore exactly what Fred meant to the individuals who cared for him and why they were so willing to care for a dog that showed up as nothing more than a dirty mutt.

We filmed in November and December of 2012 and are extremely happy with our material, but we really need your help to get this project finished. We only have 30 days left to finish fundraising the necessary funds to complete the film.
Our Trailer:
Our Indiegogo:

Thanks and we hope you enjoy the trailer!
Ava Lowrey and the Fred crew
(256) 388-9306

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