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Dr. Harvey’s Launches New Oracle Tripe: A Green Gift for Dogs – Pet Planet Magazine

Dr. Harvey’s Launches New Oracle Tripe: A Green Gift for Dogs

By on December 17, 2013

Dr. Harvey’s, manufacturer of fine all-natural health foods, treats, herbal supplements and herbal grooming essentials for companion animals, has added the truly irresistible Oracle Tripe to the existing line of highly nutritious, freeze-dried foods for dogs and cats. Raw green tripe is a very high quality protein with an abundance of amino acids, omega 3’s, omega 6’s, enzymes and vitamins essential for every dog’s diet.

Tripe is known to be one of the best sources of meat protein available for dogs. Using tripe as a main protein source can help dogs with a myriad of health problems, including, skin problems, digestive issues, allergies and kidney problems.

“Feeding a protein source such as tripe that is highly digestible is likely more beneficial to dogs with kidney problems than low protein, hard to digest prescription diets that so many dogs are given,” commented Wendy Shankin-Cohen, President of Dr. Harvey’s. “Dogs really don’t enjoy these prescription diets and they really love tripe. Because of the appealing flavor of  freeze-dried Tripe, even the pickiest dogs will be eager for mealtime.”

“Raw green tripe is truly a perfect food for dogs suffering from kidney problems due to its low phosphorus levels and palatability,” says Dr. Harvey Cohen, founder of Dr. Harvey’s. “Tripe can be a miracle for many dogs with kidney problems or chronic renal failure who have been put on low or no protein diets and have, as a result, lost all interest in their food. Tripe is also very helpful for dogs with allergies and digestive problems and is a great food for keeping all dogs at the peak of health”

All of Dr. Harvey’s products, including Oracle Tripe, are made and packaged in the USA. Oracle contains no chemicals of any kind, no preservatives, sugar, salt, or dyes. Oracle Tripe comes in a Grain-Free option. Oracle is available at fine pet shops, pet boutiques, health-food stores, online pet retailers, and at http://www.drharveys.com.

About Dr. Harvey’s

Dr. Harvey’s has manufactured fine health foods for dogs, cats, birds and horses for over 30 years. Dr. Harvey’s products are made with 100% human grade ingredients that are free of preservatives and chemical additives. The company is a pioneer in promoting the wisdom that feeding dogs fresh food at every meal is the most important health decision that owners can make for their beloved companion animal, and the key to ensuring a healthy, happy and stronger life. All of Dr. Harvey’s products are proudly made in the USA.

Learn more at www.DrHarveys.com

For more information or media inquiries, contact Wendy Shankin-Cohen at 866-362-4123 or Wendy@drharveys.com

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