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Ambrosia Hopes To Celebrate By Going Home – Pet Planet Magazine

Ambrosia Hopes To Celebrate By Going Home

By on January 13, 2013

Ambrosia kicked cancer, but she needs your help to kick homelessness. Can you please welcome this sweet survivor into your family today?
It took two surgeries to remove her mammary glands, but every awful malignant cell is gone! And to think that could have been avoided had she been spayed. But she is healthy and spayed now, not to mention current on her vaccinations, house- and crate-trained, a doll on a leash, and a total lady in the car. And her foster parents say she’s going to make some lucky family very, very happy.

Originally pulled from Cleveland Animal Control by the Tennessee Humane Animal League-Pet Placement Center, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Brobee – as her friends affectionately call her – is a petite, 45-pound, two-to-three year-old pit bull terrier mix. At some point in her life, she suffered a leg injury that didn’t heal properly. So now she looks a little bow-legged on one side, but it certainly doesn’t slow her down. Nothing keeps her from enjoying a game of fetch, see for yourself!

Besides fetch, Brobee also adores her squeaky toys. You can hear her squeaking away almost all day long. Something else she loves? Being coddled, cradled, and rocked like a baby! It’s true – you can trim her nails, examine her, give her a bath … she’s fine with it all as long as she has your arms around her.

Perhaps the only sticky point with Brobee is her choosiness about canine friends. In general, she doesn’t want any. That’s why her foster family can’t adopt her. They have four rescues already. But Brobee shows a gentle attentiveness to their elderly, sight-impaired Chihuahua mix. It’s hit or miss, so it’s probably easier if she’s an only pet.

You can read a whole lot more about Ambrosia here.

Or, if you’re sold on bringing this little lady home with you, please contact Nan atnshdavis@live.com or (423) 290-5159.

If you can’t adopt her, please downloadAmbrosia’s flyer and post it where you work, shop, and play. You never know who will see it and fall in love.

Thank you for helping to lead us all to a time when there are No More Homeless Pets®.

Nan at (423) 290-5159

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