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A New Alliance for Pet Shelter Funding and Awareness: Be the Next Generation of Pet Heroes – Pet Planet Magazine

A New Alliance for Pet Shelter Funding and Awareness: Be the Next Generation of Pet Heroes

By on April 4, 2013

Albuquerque, New Mexico, April 3, 2013 – Jusani Culture, an organization founded to raise awareness and funds for non-profit U.S. animal shelters, is pleased to announce the unveiling of its redesigned homepage and the introduction of a new, corresponding fundraising model intended to better help more shelters in a shorter period of time.

Beginning in early April, Jusani’s homepage, at www.jusani.com, will be dedicated to showcasing the shelter currently being helped, and showing visitors the progress being made in this effort as well as easily allowing them to contribute to the cause.

Visitors to Jusani’s website will be able to learn about the current sponsored shelter right on the homepage with a video detailing the shelter’s work as well as a “share a pet” feature, where they can learn more about the animals the shelter has up for adoption and share them through social avenues. Facebook and Twitter buttons located at the top of the homepage will make sharing and connecting with Jusani easy, and a Facebook live feed will give visitors a chance to discuss how they have helped make a difference for shelters and homeless pets. “Every aspect of this new site will be super simple and socially shareable,” says Jusani Culture’s founder, Melissa Salinas.

The accessibility and transparency of Jusani’s new homepage is designed to best reflect and promote Jusani’s new fundraising model, which begins at the end of April/early May, raising awareness and funds for a new shelter roughly every two weeks. For each shelter, Jusani will set goals with regards to how many pets are shared and how much money is raised, with counting tickers tracking and showing visitors the progress being made for that sponsorship period as well as the total amount donated up to that point. A countdown clock will also remind visitors of the time remaining to help the current shelter.

While Jusani will continue to donate five dollars of every purchase made on its online shop at www.jusani.com/shop to the sponsored shelter, a new product section of the homepage will list products whose sale results in an eight-dollar donation. The handmade products featured here will change with every shelter, with some being drawn from the shop and others having been newly submitted.

With the new homepage and fundraising model comes a need for new products and shelters. As always, Jusani is looking for U.S. based handicraft artists and designers to submit their products for consideration at http://jusani.com/content/handicraft-designer-product-submission, and encourages U.S. non-profit animal shelters to apply for sponsorship here: http://jusani.com/content/pet-shelter-application.

For Salinas, the goal has always been to make a real difference for shelters and she hopes that the new changes will engage and enthuse: “[The] new site will be fun and uplifting. And most importantly, shareable, helping [to] bring awareness to sheltered pets.” Together, pet lovers and advocates can makes Salinas’ vision of Jusani as “the largest online fundraiser for national pet shelters” a reality.

Jusani Culture began in 2010 with Salinas’ desire to do more to help homeless pets across America. What started as an idea to raise money for shelters through the sale of organic tees has grown into a movement: a place where customers shop for clothing, jewelry, accessories, home décor, and pet products to support a cause they believe in, and a community where pet lovers can find information, support, and inspiration.

For more information and to join Jusani Culture in making a difference for homeless pets, please visit Jusani at www.jusani.com and on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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