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3 Dock Diving German Shorthaired Pointers – Pet Planet Magazine

3 Dock Diving German Shorthaired Pointers

By on January 21, 2016

My husband and I are the lucky parents of three German
Shorthaired Pointers, Limoncello, Hooch, and Lager.  Our pups travel year-round up and down the East Coast participating
in dock diving competitions.  This
past year, our 4 year, Limoncello, earned her invitation to the 2015 DockDogs World
Championships by competing as an Iron Dog, and winning First Place in the
Warrior Division.  She went on the
World Championship to place 10th in the World in Warrior Iron
Dog.  At a mere 1 year old, our puppy,
Hooch, who is ranked the #1 GSP in the United States, earned his invite for
Worlds by jumping a whopping 24’2” to win First Place in his Big Air
Competition at a Regional Event in Virginia Beach.    Hooch
then participated in the Extreme Vertical competition (high jump for dogs), and
grabbed the bumper at the maximum Cadet Division height of 5’10”, earning an
additional invitation to Worlds for Extreme Vertical!   Hooch went to the World Championship where he not only made
finals in both Big Air and Extreme Vertical, but placed within the top 6 dogs
in the world in both divisions, and also won DockDogs 2015 Most Improved Dog in
the World.  Lager, our 3 year old
male, came to us just this past August, after returning to the United States
from Iraq, where he served for 18 months as an Explosives Detection
Canine.  He attended only 2
national events, and earned himself an invitation to the World Championships in
Senior Division Big Air, where he not only made finals, but placed within the
top 6 dogs in the world in his division! 
We donate all cash prizes won at their competitions to the German
Shorthair Rescue of NJ, and all food/treat/toy prizes to a local no-kill
We are writing to inquire if you would like to include a
story on our team, as our dogs train to compete against the best dogs in the
world in the 2016 DockDogs World Championship, held in Dubuque, Iowa this

Limoncello (“Cello”) has only been involved in dock diving
for 2 seasons. During her first season in 2014, she was one of the World’s top
ranked German Shorthaired Pointers, and earned an Elite Title after just 7
months of competing.  In 2015,
Cello was ranked the #1 GSP in United States in the Iron Dog Division, and has
jumped as far as 23’7” in Big Air, and has only missed qualifying for finals
once out of all of her competitions. Cello competes as an “Iron Dog,” which
means she participates in all three competitive events (much like a triathlon) throughout
the entire weekend of the tournament. 
Those events are “Big Air” (the long jump), “Extreme Vertical” (the high
jump), and Speed Retrieve (the swimming equivalent of a sprint).  With her vibrant personality, extreme
speed, and stunning build, she is a crowd favorite. She is also well known
within the dock diving community as pound-for-pound one of the best dogs
involved in the sport, as she is much smaller in size compared to other dogs
who compete at the same top levels of dock diving. 

At just 1 year of age, Hooch is still considered brand new
to this sport, as dogs cannot compete in DockDogs until they are at least 6
months old. Hooch participated in his first official DockDogs competition in
January, 2015.  Despite the fact
that our goal was to get Hooch to run and jump his longest into the pool, he
won the crowd over with his hesitation on the dock.  He quickly became a crowd favorite as he hung over the edge
of the dock “teetering” back and forth, deciding if he should jump… or
not!  The crowd loved the
anticipation!  Hooch began to
decide to jump more times than not, but would come to the edge of the dock,
look around at the crowd cheering “HOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH!” and at the last minute,
pop into the pool, as if he had springs attached to his back paws. The crowds
went wild, as his “pop” had amazing height!  Even though this “pop” only got him to about 6-8 feet into
the pool, he quickly became well-known for his “Hoochie Hop.”   With each competition, Hooch increased his distance, earning
a spot in finals, and placing in the top 3 of his division, all while keeping
the crowd entertained.  In just a
short 6 months, he has stopped his hesitation on the dock, and has soared to an
amazing 24’2” in Big Air, stunning the spectators who once knew him as the dog
who branded the “Hoochie Hop.” 
Hooch now holds a prestigious National Elite Big Air title.  Hooch also began participating in
Extreme Vertical, and has a personal best grab of 6’2.” Hooch remains a
fan-favorite, and receives some of the biggest cheers from the crowd with his
signature springboard “pop,” and his ability to “fly” Through the air.  Hooch has become the talk of “Dog Town,”
as spectators and fellow competitors alike have said he is the dog to watch in

Lager has just begun his dock diving career in August, and
was a crowd favorite during competitions, often receiving a standing ovation
while he is on the dock, due to his service for our country while in Iraq.  Lager has also been involved in leading
the spectators through the National Anthem at events.  Lager was born in the Netherlands, and was trained in the
United States by Dogs for Defense to detect over 40 ingredients used to make
explosives in preparation to serve our country in Iraq as an Explosives
Detection Canine.  After only
having been back in the U.S. for less than a month, he joined our family and
within 2 month and just 2 National events, Lager soared to 20’3” in Big Air,
and a grabbed the bumper at a whopping 6’4” in Extreme Vertical.  Earning his invitation to the World
Championship, and placing within the top 6 dogs of the world stunned us all! We
cannot wait to see what 2016 brings for Lager!

We are fortunate to live on a lake, where all three pups swim
daily, and practice for competitions. 
Our lake-side yard has officially “gone to the dogs!” We have installed
a 40-foot turf runway and an Extreme Vertical rig so that all of our dogs can
practice their Big Air jumps, and Extreme Vertical grabs. The dogs’ exercise regimen
also includes strength and stability training, cardio, agility, hiking, swimming,
treadmill, and running hills.

These active pups attract a lot of social media attention
due to their dock diving and traveling endeavors, their many social and charity
activities, and their numerous features on websites, in newspapers, magazines,
and even on news channels.   The dogs have been selected as
ambassadors for TurboPUP, makers of premium grain-free meal bars for active
. Hooch has been selected to be featured
on a Wet Nose Greetings brand greeting card, and all dogs have been the “featured
dog” on many top Instagram accounts.

The dogs have their own website, which has attracted over 26,289
visitors from 96 countries around the world. They have over 3,846 Instagram
followers, over 1,600 Face Book fans, and are also active on Twitter and
Pinterest. Because of their social media popularity, they have been recognized
and approached in public by their followers up and down the East Coast. Their
social media accounts have also promoted inquiries about the sport of dock
diving, and have motivated over 25 people and their dogs last year to join in
on this fun activity. The dogs’ social media accounts all maintain neutral and
appropriate posts, and promote dock diving, visiting dog friendly
establishments, and strengthening the bond between humans and their dogs.  All three dogs volunteer for the German
Shorthaired Pointer Rescue of New Jersey as donation dogs, and my husband and I
transport for The GSP Rescue of NJ, as well as the country-wide Pointer Rescue
Organization (PRO).

For your convenience and reference, I have included links
and photos on the following pages.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to
hearing from you. 


Jenny Beadling

223 Chicagami Trail

Medford Lakes, NJ 08055



Important Links


? http://celloscorner.com/2014/11/24/dockdogs-whats-that/

:  http://dockdogs.com/


Website: http://celloscorner.com/

Facebook:  facebook.com/CellosCorner

Instagram:   http://instagram.com/celloscorner

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CellosCorner

=      YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjoMuABOCqm5t-0k8Lu3lzA

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/108486437@N08/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/CellosCorner/

Ø TurboPUP:



Rescue of NJ:

o   Website: http://gsprescuenj.com/

o   Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/GspRescueOfNjNy

Rescue, Org:

o   Website: http://www.pointerrescue.org/main.html

o   Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PointerRescueOrg




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