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Advertise – Pet Planet Magazine


Pet Planet Magazine offers a great opportunity to advertise your business in front of a large, and continuously expanding audience. As our Pet Community and the Pet Planet Magazine website is growing, so is the number of our visitors. If you want to put your company’s name in front of our audience, and get more exposure for your business, you should consider placing a banner ad on our website. We offer different options in banner placement and size.


First option is a 970 X 90 px banner on top of our site. This ad guarantees biggest exposure, because it appears on every page of our website.

Second, very popular option is a 300 X 250 px banner located in our right sidebar above the fold. It can be placed in different locations, and can be displayed on multiple pages.

Third option is same as above 300 x 250 px below the fold

Fourth option is a 160×600 px banner on the homepage center “Top Stories” section only.

Fourth option is a 420 X 60 px banner located on the homepage left side below the fold.

Fifth option is a 300 x 250 px located in our bottom right footer area showing on all pages.


Last option is a 125 X 125 px banner which can be placed under our directory listings or inserted into some of our posts. These small banners usually are displayed as sets of six.


If you are interested in advertising with us, and would like to get more detailed information, including prices, feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you!